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Comdial DX-120 4 X 8 Control Unit

Modular Architect Expands to Meet Your Growing Business Needs.

With the Comdial DX-120 small business get started with reliable, scalable communications technology.  The DX-120's expandable architecture grows with your business, allowing you to purchase a system for today while leaving room to expand tomorrow.

The Comdial Basic System starts out at 4 CO/Trunk ports X 8 Digital Station Telephone ports X 4 Analog Station ports.  With the addition of expansion cards of 4 port CO/Trunk cards and 8 Port Telephone Station Cards the maximum growth of the Comdial DX-80 with the expansion KSU added is: 16 CO/Trunk ports X 48 Digital Station Telephone ports X 8 Analog Station ports.

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